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Lifting Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MIN/MAX operating temperatures on Jergens Hoist Rings?

Jergens, Inc. cannot recommend standard hoist rings for use above 400°F or below -20°F due to reduced mechanical properties at these temperatures. Working loads and strength factors for hoist rings are based on the properties of materials at normal room temperatures. Even though all load-bearing components are made from heat-treated alloy steel, temperatures considerably above or below room temperatures can affect these materials. Short-term tensile creep and stress relaxation are affected when temperatures exceed 400°F. Ductility, impact strength, and fatigue life are affected at temperatures below -20°F.

What are the properties and application benefits of Envirolox™ Protective Finish?

The Envirolox™ Protective Finish is a proprietary nickel-based coating that helps to prevent rusting and other environmental hazards from affecting Jergens Hoist Rings. This coating does not contain cadmium or chromium, is environmentally friendly, and is proven to be effective in extreme conditions. It provides surface hardness, lubricity, and more effective corrosion protection than paints. Electroless nickel plating per Mil-C-26074 and hoist ring bolts are plated/flush with thickness .0002”-.0003”, other components .0005”-.0015”

What are the benefits of Lift-Check™?

The Jergens Lift-Check™ hoist ring assures that your application is secure and ready to lift. The Lift-Check™ is comprised of a Jergens’ patented proprietary hex head cap screw which integrates the Visual Tension Indicator. Patented Lift-Check™ Center Pull and Forged Style Hoist Rings are rated at 5:1 strength Factor & Proof tested to 200% of rated load capacity, certificate of the proof test provided, in accordance with ASME B30.26. Visual Tension Indicator confirms engagement – clearly illustrates whether bolt joint is loose or tight. Ensures safety and provides an accuracy of +/- 10% of designed tension. Hands-free inspection at a distance, prior to the lift. Reduces installation time. No torque wrench or calibration is needed. Lift-Check™ bolts are reusable and provide a reliable visual indication of joint clamping force. Bolt kits are available for Jergens hoist ring upgrades.

Do bolt kits come with a proof test certificate, and if not, once installed is a new proof test required?

Jergens bolt kits are not supplied with a proof test certificate. If the hoist ring was involved in an incident (shock load, overloading, bent or broken original bolt, etc.) the hoist ring shall be removed from service, and detailed inspection and proof test per ASME B30.26 will be required. If the bolt needs to be replaced due to regular wear or due to not standard thread pitch/length required, there is no need for a new proof test.

Does Jergens have a published competitor cross-list?

No, unfortunately, Jergens does not have a published or online competitor cross-reference. Our team is happy to assist you with correctly crossing any competitor part number – just give us a call or shoot us an email, operators are standing by (just kidding, you won’t reach an operator, you’ll speak to a real person that can assist you): 877-440-LIFT or [email protected].