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What is Jergens Modular Workholding?

Jergens 5-Axis Vises and Quick-Change Solutions offer users a modular and configurable approach to optimal holding and positioning of components of varying sizes and shapes. Our unique stack-up approach simplifies complex workholding, gripping tight for precision while providing quick change for reduced setup time. More machining per setup and faster changeover in between equals maximum machine uptime.

Experience the Jergens Difference

Our modular fixtures and components ensure tight tolerance and reduce changeover to minutes or even seconds to increase overall machine efficiency. Achieve more savings by changing what’s UNDER the spindle, not ON it. Our workholding efficiency improvement process helps:

 Increase spindle uptime

 Speed up the implementation of lean manufacturing

 Improve productivity

 Optimize workholding

 Reduce downtime

 Maximize cost savings

 Eliminate setup errors and inefficiencies

 Achieve faster part-to-part changeover

The Three R’s of Jergens Workholding

Raise The Part for Increased Access:
Our unique modular system features many combinations of components, including riser sizes and styles that get your part off the table and allow unrestricted access.
Rigid Holding for Tight Tolerance:
Our system was built with rigidity in mind making it well-suited for aggressive metal removal. From uniquely designed pull studs to 5-axis vises and dovetail clamps, design and construction maintain accuracy, even during your most aggressive roughing operations.
Rapid Changeover:
Two proven systems for quick change are part of our Modular Workholding product line:
  • Ball Lock® Mounting System allows for quick change capabilities even at the subplate level.
  • Quick-Loc™ allows top tooling to be rapidly and accurately changed for maximum efficiency.