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Zero Point System

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Zero Point System

What is the Zero Point System?

This revolutionary technology allows you to fix, position and clamp in a single step, cutting set up times by up to 90%. Available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release, these positive locking and locating modules allow operators to quickly change out large and small fixtures with extreme accuracy and minimal effort.

Quickly and accurately locate and clamp vises or fixtures, and with pull studs attached to your part, direct mount your component for machining or welding without interference from jaws or clamps. That’s the beauty of what Jergens Zero Point System can deliver (Jergens, Inc.).

How does the Zero Point System work?

Similar to the mechanism that grips rotary toolholders on many machining centers, zero- point clamps employ a pull stud and clamping balls to pull a pallet, fixture or other workholding device—or even the part itself—against the ground face of a zero-point module.

The pull stud sits inside the chuck bore and offers positional accuracy to within a few ten- thousandths of an inch and high clamping forces until released through mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic pressure (Cutting Tool Engineering).


Design Features

  • Self-Guiding Tapered Profile

    The self-guiding, tapered profile of the mounting stud allows heavy plates to be installed more easily.

  • Alignment

    The Jergens Zero Point System’s unique design eliminates the need for perfect lifts on entry and exit.

  • Positive, Mechanical Locking System

    Experience high holding force without the need to maintain hydraulic or pneumatic pressure.

  • Large Ball Diameter

    Provides increased strength and even load distribution.

  • No Ball Cage

    Free movement of the bearing balls reduces friction.

  • Form Fit Ball Channel

    The self-guiding, tapered profile of the mounting stud allows heavy plates to be installed more easily.

  • Three-Point Load Distribution

    Equal load spacing optimizes force distribution.

  • Integrated Safety System

    Process-sure clamping module can always be opened, eliminating the need to forcibly remove modules if a failure should occur.

Exclusive Features

  • Hardened stainless (AISI 440B) steel construction
  • Integrated safety system
  • Compact design
  • Positive mechanical locking
  • High retaining force
  • Flexible Design Options
  • Available in Pneumatic & Hydraulic Modules
  • Custom Design & Build


Cost Efficiency

  Before Jergens ZPS After Jergens ZPS
Daily Setup Time 3 hrs 0.5 hrs
Machine Hourly Rate $88.42 $88.42
Total Setup Costs $63,653.76 $3,182.40