5-Axis Subplates & Risers

Modular Convenience & Part Access

Jergens 5-Axis Subplates & Risers are a truly modular approach to 5-axis machining. Our subplate system allows users to quickly and accurately locate and exchange fixtures while our risers allow users to increase their machining envelope by raising, positioning, and locating their part.

5-Axis Subplates & Risers

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  • 5-Axis Base Elements

  • 5-Axis Components & Accessories

  • 5-Axis Risers

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  • 5-Axis Subplates

  • 5-Axis Rotary Adapters

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  • Quick-Loc™ Vise Adapter Plates

  • Quick Locating System (QLS) Vise Adapter Plates

  • 5-Axis Chip Plugs

  • 5-Axis Locating Pins

  • 5-Axis Quick Locating System (QLS) Shoulder Screws

  • 5-Axis Locating Keys

  • 5-Axis Quick Locating System (QLS) Bushings

  • Center Locating Pin for Cast Iron Tooling Columns