Company History/Timeline

In 1942, Jergens Inc. opened its doors and began its journey to grow into one of the world’s largest manufacturers of standard tooling components, vises and other workholding equipment.

In the decades since the beginning, there have been numerous milestones that have not only shaped the company, but industry on the whole. Today, three separate divisions provide superior engineered solutions, products and services, supporting manufacturing customers around the globe. Yet, through the many changes, one thing has remained a constant – the core values of Jergens. A dedication to honesty, hard work, excellence in all we do and a commitment to family. These values are the foundation upon which the company was built, the standard for how every Jergens employee conducts themselves today, and will continue to set the direction into the future.

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Christy & Jack Schron open Glenn Tool and Manufacturing to
support, among other things, the war effort. Later, Jergens is
launched as the selling arm for Glenn Tool.

1942:   Christy & Jack Schron open Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Company using machinery located in both their home garage & a small rented garage on East 152nd Street.

1942:   Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Company receives the Certificate of Appreciation for Meritorious Performance of Subcontracts for War Material Vital to Victory.

1942:   Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Companycompletes their first job making spring seats for Timken Axle Division, used in International Harvester’s Army halftracks.

1943:   Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Company moves to a building off of East 163rd off St. Clair, adding office space, an engineering room, a coffee room and additional manufacturing space.

1944:   Jergens Tool Specialty Company is launched to sell the products made by Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Company.

1944:   Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Company receives the Army Navy Production Award for Excellence in War Production.


Jergens Tool Specialty Company gains momentum with its
first printed catalog and merges with Glenn Tool.

1952:   The first Jergens Tool Specialty Company catalog is published. The catalog is hand-assembled and distributed by personal visits from Jack & Esther Schron to manufactuers' representatives.

1955:   Glenn Tool and Manufacturing Company and Jergens Tool Specialty Company are merged to create one company, Jergens Tool Specialty Company. The Sine Fixtue Key becomes the first patented item from Jergens' product line.

1959:   Christy Schron passes away on Septemeber 9, 1959. His son, Jack H. Schron carries on his legacy and the role of president of Jergens Tool Specialty Company.


Jergens outgrows the original location and moves to a larger
facility, purchases a dramatic new machine called a computer,
celebrates twenty-five years and introduces hoist rings.

1961:   Jergens Tool Specialty Company outgrows their facilities on E 163rd and relocates to 19520 Nottingham Road.

1965:   Jack H. Schron Sr. embarks on the first International Trade Mission, pioneering Jergens' involvement in international markets. This also marks the beginning of Jergens' long-term relationship wtih Japanese Distributor, IMAO Corporation©.

1965:   Jergens Tool Specialty Company invests in their first computer, an IBM® 64, to assist wtih the increasing volume of paperwork.

1967:   Jergens Tool Specialty Company celebrates the company's 25th Anniversary.

1967:   The first issue of the News & Views, Jergens' employee publication, is introduced in October.

1968:   Jergens brand Hoist Rings are introduced as a lifting solution for many industrial applications.

1969:   The company name is changed from Jergens Tool Specialty Company to its present name, Jergens, Inc.


ACME Industrial is purchased and Jergens develops an
award winning A/V program.

1973:   Jergens, Inc. acquires Acme Industrial.

1976:   Jergens, Inc. sells their first HIOS© Screwdriver. An audio visual program created by Corky Schron for the HIOS product line receives an award at the Triple Mill Convention.

1978:  Jergens, Inc.acquires Cutting Tools Inc. Jergens purchases its first computer-controlled machine tool.


Acquisitions and investments continue and then
Jack H. Schron, Sr. retires after 45 years of leadership.

1981:   Jergens, Inc. acquires California distributor Liberty Industrial Company.

1982:   Jergens Industrial Products is created as a supplier for third-party manufacturers in the limited market of Northeast Ohio. Jergens, Inc.  introduces the first CAD computer database coupled with a management system to help tool designers create fixtures.

1983:   Jergens, Inc.and Acme Industrial invest over $1 million to improve the manufacturing process with heat treat equipment, N.C. machines, broaching machines and heavy duty drilling machines.

1987:   Jack H. Schron, Sr. retires after 45 years of leadership, and remains Chairman of the Board of Directors.

1987:   Jack Schron, Jr. is elected as President by the board.

1987:   Jack Schron, Jr. creates three marketing divisions within Jergens, Inc.: the Assembly Systems Group (ASG), Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS), and the Tooling Component Divsion (TCD).

1987:   Jergens, Inc. develops Ball Lock® and brings it to market for quick and accurate fixture location. 


Jergens hits the internet, celebrates fifty years, receives
multiple awards of excellence and moves into the brand
new Waterloo facility.

1991:   John Evans is elected Acme President by the Acme Board of Directors.

1992:   Jergens, Inc.launches their first website.

1992:   Governor of Ohio, George Vonovich, honors Jergens with a resolution of Jergens' 50th Anniversary.

1994:   Jergens, Inc. receives the State of Ohio Governor's Award for Excellence in Exporting.

1994:   Jergens, Inc. mourns the death of Courtney Schron, who led the growth and development of ASG from its inception to becoming a leader in the electronic assembly market.

1996:   Jergens, Inc.receives The American Supply & Machinery Manufacturers Association's highest honor, The American Eagle Award, for demonstrating excellence & leadership in the industry.

1999:   After outgrowing their previous facility ,Jergens, Inc. leaves their 19520 Nottingham Road location to enter a brand new facility on Waterloo Road.

1999:   Jergens Industrial Supply acquires TabPro, Inc. to assist in gaining access to the Tool & Die industry.


Acquisitions continue, Tooling U is launched and Kwik-lok®
pins, the largest product line of its kind, is introduced.

2000:   Jergens, Inc. launches a new product line, the Kwik-Lok® Pins, which grew to be the largest product line offered.

2001:   Acme Industrial acquires Economy Drill Bushing, a former competitor. Jergens, Inc. launches Tooling U©, an online training venue for industrial manufacturing skills, through the programming of Chad Schron. 

2002:   Jergens Industrial Supply installs their first vending machine for a customer.

2003:   ASG develops the SmartTorq controller.

2005:   Acme Industrial begins manufacturing key locking studs.

2006:   Jergens Shanghai is established. ASG expands its product line to include pneumatic screwdrivers and nutrunners, creating the ASG branded H Series line.

2007:   Jergens Industrial Supply wins an American Eagle Award.

2008:   Jack H. Schron, Sr. passes away on September 4, 2008, marking the end of an era of his leadership at Jergens

2008:   Jergens, Inc. acquires Bock Workholding from Pennsylvania. 

2009:   Jergens India is established.


Modern day sees rapid growth including more acquisition,
distinct business units and a new benchmark in 5-axis workholding.

2010:   Jergens, Inc. segments their product offerings into distinct business units: The Workholding Solutions Group, Specialty Fasteners Group and the Lifting Solutions Group.

2010:   ASG acquires MicroTorq, LLC., a leading manufacturer of precision torque and angle DC electric fastener systems.

2010:   Jergens Industrial Supply purchases the cutting tool division of the George Whalley Company.

2010:   The 1st Annual Jack H. Schron Sr. Memorial Golf Outing is hosted.

2010:   Jergens Industrial Supply is selected by Warren Buffet's IMC Group© to be the initial First Class Distributor in North America.

2011:   Jergens, Inc. introduces their 5-Axis Vise line, which is the firt comprehensive, modular system approach to 5-Axis Workholding available.

2011:   Jergens, Inc. sells Tooling U© to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers© and it grows to become the largest online learning tool focused on manufacturing.

2012:   Jergens Industrial Supply acquires certain assets of the John M. Allen Company.

2012:   Jergens Industrial Supply establishes their first website to connect customers across the world with product from their established suppliers.

2012:   ASG forms three product groups: ASG Assembly, ASG Industrial & ASG Precision Fastening. 

2013:   Jergens Industrial Supply acquires assets of Gray Industrial Supply, including the web-based Spectrum Supply and custom bandsaw blade weld shop on E 25th Street.

2013:   Jergens Industrial Supply begins rebranding itself as JIS.

2013:   ASG announces a strategic partnership with Fiam Utensli Pneumatici spa, premier Italian tool manufacturer, naming ASG the exclusive master distributor for Fiam in North America.

2013:   JIS hosts over 200 customers for the Innovation, Education & Technology Trade Show.

2013:   ASG establishes a sales office in Guadalajara, Mexico.

2013:   Jergens, Inc. is named the Preffered Workholding Solutions Supplier of Penske Racing.

2014:   Jergens copyrighted employee health & wellness cartoons of 'Chip & Scrap' are selected as the winners of the MarCom Award from 6,000 entries.

2014:   JIS is the winner of the American Eagle Excellence in Industry Award.

2014:   Jergens India announces the addition of two distributors in Punjab and one distributor in Andhra Pradesh.

2015:   ASG adds the Automation product line to their product groups.

2015:   Jergens, Inc. announces the Jergens-CEVEC partnership program.

2015:  Jergens, Inc. becomes a tobacco-free campus in the efforts to preserve and improve the health of all employees.

2015:   Matriarch of Jergens, Inc., Esther A. Schron passes away on October 23, 2015.

2015:   Jergens, Inc.unveils Lift-Check™ as an innovative visual tension system for lifting applications.

2015:   ASG receives to Manny awards for Manufacturer of the Year and the Product Development Award.

2016:   ASG establishes a European sales office to expand their global presence.

2016:   Jergens, Inc. is awarded the Mission Builder Award by WIRE-net.

2016:   JIS acquires B&G Supply Inc. from Akron, Ohio & extends their reach to the southern areas of Ohio.

2016:   JIS opens new Akron/Canton Branch. Jergens, Inc. celebrates 75 years.

2017:   Jergens, Inc.Hoist Rings are used in the exhibit Art and China after 1989: Theatre of the World at the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

2018:   Jergens, Inc.introduces the new & improved 130mm and 75mm 5-Axis Self-Centering Vise & Quick-Loc™ Pallet Systems.

2018:   JIS is awarded the 2018 Epicor Customer Excellence Award in both their Global & Americas awards programs for their implementations of Epicor's Prophet 21. 

2019:   Jergens, Inc. is honored by ERC as a NorthCoast 99 winner, an annual recognition program and event that honors 99 great Northeastern Ohio workplaces for top talent.

2019:   JIS is recognized as a 2019 Manufacturing Leadership Award winner, in the cateogry of Industrial Internet of Things, for their IoT ordering system, JIS Express.

2019:   JIS receives Modern Distribution Management's Digital Innovator award, for their unique technological applicaiton of IoT ordering system, JIS Express.


Christy & Jack Schron open Glenn Tool and Manufacturing to support, among other things, the war effort. Later, Jergens is launched as the selling arm for Glenn Tool.

2020:   Jergens, Inc.receives AS9100:2016 Rev D Single Site Certification.

2020:   Jergens, Inc. creates the Jergens Coronavirus Victory Team (JCVT)  to ensure a safe and healthy work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.