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The Anatomy - Starts with the Best Components

Our dedicated solutions have their foundation in five important Jergens workholding brands. The breadth and variety of these products make it possible to not have to rely on 100% custom build. That shortens lead times and instills confidence since each have a track record of success. Solutions are configured, modified and mated to deliver quick change, part accessibility, maximum number of parts, reliability and quality. From the machine bed to the top of the top tooling, Jergens products deliver.

  • Ball Lock®

    One of our foundation solutions, the Ball Lock® Mounting System provides a method of quickly and accurately locating fixtures onto machine tables and tombstones. Unique shanks align through liners to connect fixture plates to subplates, anchoring in receiver bushings.

  • Quick-Loc™

    QLS, our second line of quick-change foundation products, combines with Ball Lock® to provide a smaller mounting pattern and is often used with 5-Axis Vises and OK-VISE®.  QLS features a lightweight two-piece aluminum construction.

  • 5-Axis Vises

    The first completely modular workholding system, 5-Axis Vises  includes fixture plates, risers, pallet changers and top tooling used widely in 5-axis machining. Modular stack-ups are common and provide unrestricted access for machining multi-sided parts.

  • OK-VISE®

    OK-VISE® is a comprehensive fixturing system that uses compact, low-profile edge clamps, stops, locators and a unique rail system. The highly configurable solution is engineered to improe production and ensure productivity for difficult workholding applications.

  • Zero Point System (ZPS)

    Among our fastest and most accurate solutions is the Zero Point System (ZPS). With ZPS, you can fix, position and clamp in a single step to cut set-up-time by up to 90%. System components include pull studs and clamping modules that are available with either a mechanical hex drive, pneumatic or hydraulic release.