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Kwik-Lok® Pins Frequently Asked Questions

What are your lanyards rated to?

Per the NAS1332 specification, they need to hold up to 100lbs. However, our lanyards are not load-bearing. They are intended to keep the pin in the desired location that the lanyard is attached.

Can you manufacture KLP’s with grip lengths not listed in your catalog and what is the maximum grip?

Yes, we can manufacture special grip lengths up to 7”.

Can you manufacture your KLP’s in 316 stainless?

Yes, we can manufacture in its material as a special.

Can you provide a FAI report per AS9102?

Yes, we can with an additional $650.00 charge.

Can you manufacture per customer drawing?

We welcome opportunities to quote per a customer drawing. Our engineering staff would review the drawing and work with production to determine if we can manufacture the special pin.

Can you design a special pin for a customer’s application?

Yes, our engineering staff will work with the customer to discuss their specification application and come up with a possible solution. A design fee as well as an NDA would be required to initiate the process.

What is the strength of the locking balls?

Per the NAS1332 specification, the element tensile strength of the locking balls can be found in each pin's specification table under “Locking Element Tensile Strength Min.”

Are material certifications available?

Yes, we do have a range of certification packages at an additional fee per your requirements. See all of our quality certifications here.

Where are your pins manufactured?

Our pins are proudly manufactured at our plant in Cleveland, Ohio.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

At this time, we require all orders to be a $50.00 NET minimum, otherwise, there is a $10.00 small order charge, which will show as a separate line item.