• Jergens Custom Design and Build Capabilities Featured at IMTS 2018 Booth

    Sep 09, 2018

    Jergens Inc. highlights its custom design and build capabilities, offering engineering and manufacturing solutions for quick-change workholding systems. Their expertise in 5-Axis Vises, Multi Axis, and standard workholding products enables them to deliver efficient, application-specific workholding solutions, enhancing manufacturing productivity.

  • Jergens, Inc. to Showcase Innovations at IMTS 2018 Booth

    Sep 09, 2018

    With nearly 80 years of enhancing manufacturing efficiency, Jergens Inc. showcases innovative solutions at IMTS, featuring established systems like Drop & Lock™ and new offerings such as Quick Loc™ pallet systems, all aimed at boosting productivity and reducing setup time. Backed by expert staff and a customer-focused approach, Jergens also introduces Custom Design capabilities and emphasizes their commitment to "Manufacturing Efficiency".

  • Jergens Ball Lock Mounting System gets Two New Additions at IMTS 2018

    Sep 09, 2018

    Jergens Inc. introduces two innovative products for their Ball Lock® quick-change mounting systems. The fixture plate machining kits enable safe machining of fixture plates while mounted to subplates, providing clearance for cutting tools to prevent damage. Additionally, the new receiver bushing plugs prevent chip and coolant buildup, saving time and improving efficiency during setups.

  • Jergens Presents Additions to its Ok Vise Product Line at IMTS 2018

    Sep 09, 2018

    Jergens Inc. introduces new additions to their OK Vise® edge clamps range, including the versatile Multi-Rail system compatible with Jergens QLS Grid System, the unique serrated-jaw Knife Grip clamps for improved production, and Hydraulic Kits for enhanced clamping force in high-production scenarios.

  • Jergens Introduces Quick Loc Pallet Systems at IMTS 2018

    Sep 09, 2018

    Jergens Inc. presents Quick Loc™ pallet systems for precise fixturing in various operations. Paired with their compact 130mm self-centering vise, these systems offer superior machining access and rapid changeovers, making them an industry favorite.

  • Open Up to Quick Change Modular Workholding

    Mar 30, 2018

    In 2015, Toronto Mold & Die Shop partnered with Jergens to streamline their manufacturing process. By adopting Jergens' Zero Point System (ZPS), the shop reduced setup time by a staggering 90%, resulting in significant cost savings and improved production output.