• Jergens, Inc. Receives as9100:2016 Rev D Single Site Certification, Expanding its Engineering and Design Capavilities in Aviation, Space & Defense

    Aug 11, 2020

    Jergens, Inc. has obtained the AS9100:2016 Certification, enhancing its engineering capabilities in aerospace, defense, and space sectors through specialized fastener products. This certification enables tailored designs with rigorous quality standards, setting Jergens apart for efficiency and rapid customer service.

  • ISA's 2020 Recipent of the John J. Buckley Achievement Award Goes to Jack Schron, President and CEO of Jergens, Inc.

    Jul 29, 2020

    Jack Schron, President and CEO of Jergens Inc., was awarded the prestigious John J. Buckley Lifetime Achievement Award by the Industrial Supply Association (ISA) for his long-standing service and significant contributions to the industrial supply industry.

  • What Jergens, Inc. Is Doing to Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

    Jul 14, 2020

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Jergens has adapted its operations to support medical device manufacturers, providing order priority and same-day shipping for qualifying customers.

  • Jergens, Inc. Responds to the Needs of Healthcare Manufacturers

    Jul 07, 2020

    Amid the rapid global spread of COVID-19, businesses faced uncertainty, particularly the medical device industry, which was compelled to produce vital equipment like tests and ventilators.

  • Jergens Popular Ball Lock Quick-Change Workholding & Fixturing System Is Now Available in Stainless Steel

    May 21, 2020


    Jergens introduces the high-grade 17-4 stainless steel version of their popular Ball Lock® Quick-Change Mounting & Fixturing System, designed to thrive in extreme operating environments. It is the first fixturing system produced in high-grade stainless steel, meeting the demands of corrosive and harsh manufacturing settings while ensuring a long service life.

  • Jergens, Inc. Announces Retirement of General Manager Bob Rubenstahl

    Feb 28, 2019

    Jergens’ General Manager, Bob Rubenstahl, announced his retirement after seven years of successfully directing the entire division which includes the Workholding Solutions Group, Specialty Fasteners Group, and Lifting Solutions Group. For two years prior, Mr. Rubenstahl was the Manager of the Workholding Solutions Group.