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Zero Point System

Zero Point System Components

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  • Threaded Clamping Modules

    For machine tables, plates, 4-axis and 5 axis machining, columns, and pallets.

  • Surface/Mounted Clamping Modules

    Designed for large and heavy workpieces. Pull Studs are installed directly into workpiece.

  • Flange Type Module with Centering & Cover Rings

    This module is used to fasten surface-mounted clamping modules on the machine table. Hydraulic release available with or without blowout.

  • Pull Studs and Engagement Screws

    Pull Studs are made of hardened stainless steel for hydraulic and pneumatic clamping modules. They can be installed directly into workpieces for 5-axis machining. Engagement Screws are used for installation of pull studs.

  • Manual Zero Point System Module

    The Manual Zero Point System Module provides locating and clamping with a single bolt actuation. The indexing slots on the face of the module allows workpieces to be indexed in 90-degree increments. Indexing slot plugs are available for applications where only specified slots are needed.

  • ZPS Pneumatic Subplates

    By adding these Pneumatic Subplates to our ZPS product​ line, we’re offering our customers an essential set of optimized choices to make it even easier for them to install and use ZPS. Each ZPS Pneumatic Subplate features porting for blowout function, quick connect fittings, and custom design capabilities.