• Jergens Adds Ok Vise Low-Profile Clamping Systems to its Range of Workholding Solutions

    Nov 11, 2015

    Jergens, Inc. expands its workholding solutions with the addition of OK-VISE clamping systems, featuring a unique wedge-operated low-profile clamp with uniform pressure via a single hex screw. The partnership with OK-VISE, a well-respected international brand known for its workholding innovations, offers a complete line of flexible fixturing components and various jaw styles to meet custom workholding needs.

  • Jergens, Inc. Appoints Steve Schmidtke as the Group Manager for the Workholding Solutions Group

    Oct 30, 2015

    Cleveland's Jergens, Inc. has appointed Steve Schmidtke as the Group Manager for their Workholding Solutions Group. With a background in sales and operations, he brings valuable experience to drive growth initiatives. Jergens, founded in 1942, focuses on enhancing manufacturing efficiency and offers a range of products and solutions.

  • Jergens Announces Two New Universal Multi-Axis Rotary Adapters

    Nov 16, 2014

    Jergens Inc. introduces their universal Multi-Axis Rotary Adapters, including the 5-Axis Vise system and the Jergens Zero Point System (ZPS), offering versatile workholding solutions for 3, 4, and 5 axis applications. These innovative adapters, with quick-change capabilities and precise repeatability, enable easy mounting of various components, optimizing setup time and ensuring tolerance and repeatability in manufacturing processes.

  • Trends in Multi-Axis Workholding and Quick-Change Fixturing

    Oct 12, 2014

    Long term industry trends to lean manufacturing, shorter lead times, smaller batch sizes and more setups have led to the growing use of 5 axis and multi-axis machines and accessories to eliminate multiple operations.

  • Jergens Expands its Workholding Pallets to Include 4-Pin and Manual ZPS Modules

    Jul 14, 2014

    Jergens Inc. expands their pallet solutions with a new 4-Pin pallet and a manual version of the ZPS (Zero Point System). The 4-Pin pallet features quick fixture exchanges and secure location for reduced setup time, while the manual ZPS offers fixture release and securement without air or hydraulic connections. These additions complement their existing pallet range, providing customers with versatile workholding solutions.




  • The Costs and Benefits of Horizontal Machining

    Jun 29, 2014

    Workholding for Advance CNC Machining of Grove City, OH used to mean just vises on their vertical machines.