ZPS HYD Flange-Type Installation Modules

Jergens ZPS HYD Flange-Type Installation Modules are designed for set-up-time-optimized clamping during cutting and non-cutting machining.

Features, Benefits, & Product Specifications:
  • Hydraulic unlocking
  • Pneumatic blow-out
  • Cover & piston hardened
  • Repeatability: <0.005 mm (0.0002")

Combines features of the Threaded Modules and Raised/Mounted Modules. Especially designed when installation space is limited and the base plate or angle plate has relatively thin dimensions. The positioning of the module is simple and accurate when using the precision flange diameter. Hydraulic supply is possible by manifolds or pipes/ hoses. Hydraulic supply and pressure are only needed for unclamping (Min. 50 bar / 725psi, Max. 60 bar / 870psi). The module is mechanically locked in the clamped position. The unique mechanical locking system results in virtually no vibration, even with extensive machining forces. The hydraulic design has (1) connection: 1 x unclamping.

ZPS HYD Flange-Type Installation Modules

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Part Number CAD Unit Size Pull-in/Locking Force up to (kN) Holding Force (kN) Blow Out DA (mm) DN (mm) D1 (mm) HA (mm) K (mm) LK (mm) M R T (mm) Weight (kgs)
480269 icon_cad Metric K20 20 55 Yes 136 32 100 35 13 124 M6 G1/8 8.9 3.76
480301 icon_cad Metric K10 10 25 Yes 100 22 67 24 9 90 M5 G1/8 5.9 1.35
480723 icon_cad Metric K40 40 105 Yes 180 40 120 45 15 163 M8 G1/8 11.9 4.97

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