Universal 4" (100mm) Self-Centering Vises

Jergens Universal Self-Centering Vises are easy to mount directly to machine tables. Their slotted mounting holes fit most machines.

Features, Benefits, & Product Specifications:
  • Base Material: Hard-Coated Machined Aluminum
  • Provide quick, simple fixturing for concentric machining of different sized workpieces
  • Adjustable gib design increases accurracy
  • Compact lightweight design for easy setup
  • Fully sealed, patented lead screw assembly for long maintenance free service
  • Openings allow chips to flow out of the vise base
  • Hardened ground stainless steel rails for precision, wear resistance, & jaw support
  • Supplied with fully machineable & reversible aluminum soft jaws

Universal 4" (100mm) Self-Centering Vises

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Part Number CAD Unit Weight (lbs)
49471SC Inch 38

Documents and Videos

  • icon_pdf Operating Manual
  • icon_pdf Operating Manual - 81600 ONLY
  • icon_pdf Jergens Production Vise System
  • icon_pdf Jergens Production Vises Features and Benefits
  • icon_pdf Vertical Machine Solutions
  • icon_pdf Horizontal Machine Solutions
  • icon_pdf Hydraulic Production Vises
  • icon_pdf Production Vises

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