Aluminum Step Block Kits

Jergens Coarse Pitch Aluminum Adjustable Step Blocks are made of aluminum to prevent damage to machine table surfaces. They feature a tooth design that has no sharp edges, which helps to prevent burrs and chip build-up in the steps. These Step Blocks are interchangeable with each other and our Coarse Pitch Step Straps (see Related Products below).

Included in Standard Kit No. 21701:
  • (8) Part No. 21705 Small Step Blocks
  • (8) Part No. 21702 Medium Step Blocks
  • (4) Part No. 21703 Large Step Blocks
  • (16) Part No. 21706 Protective Aluminum Pads

Included in Heavy Duty Kit No. 21711:
  • (8) Part No. 21712 Small Step Blocks
  • (8) Part No. 21713 Medium Step Blocks
  • (4) Part No. 21714 Large Step Blocks
  • (16) Part No. 21706 Protective Aluminum Pads

Aluminum Step Block Kits

Select a part number for CAD drawings, price and stock availability.

Part Number CAD Unit Description
21701 Inch Standard Duty 1" Kit
21711 Inch Heavy Duty 2" Kit

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