5-Axis 130mm Dovetail Vise

Jergens 5-Axis 130mm Dovetail Vises mount directly to rotary tables, 5-Axis Risers, or any QLS Grid. They reduce the distortion of parts and require very little material (0.060” or less) to clamp.

Features, Benefits, & Product Specifications:
  • Material: 1018 Steel
  • Flat & parallel within 0.002"/ft. (0.05mm)
  • Dovetail Cutter (Part No. 5DC3) available
  • Includes hardened bushings & center locator pin

Cutting a 10º angle in the bottom surface of a machinable part allows for extremely high clamping forces and holding your part with all (5) sides accessible. The Heavy Duty 5-Axis 130mm Dovetail Vise has higher torque and tilting moments than the Light Duty 5-Axis 130mm Dovetail Vise.

5-Axis 130mm Dovetail Vise

Select a part number for CAD drawings, price and stock availability.

Part Number CAD Unit Description A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Locating Method Mounting Type Mounting Grid Dovetail Cutter Part Number Weight (kgs)
5DV130003 Metric 130mm H.D. Dovetail Vise, Steel 130 28.6 75 65 Center, Timing Pin, QLS 12mm SHCS 12mm x 50mm 5DC3 3.27

Documents and Videos

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