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ZPS SP140 Installation Clamping Modules

Jergens ZPS SP140 Installation Clamping Module's compact size makes them ideal for light-duty applications where space is very limited. Pneumatic pressure can be plumbed with internal porting in the plate or externally with tubing via the threaded port. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRODUCT LITERATURE.


    • Mechanical Lock/Pneumatic Unlock
    • Repeatability: <0.02mm (0.0008")
    • Opening Operating Pressure:
      • - Min. 6 bar (87 psi)
      • - Max. 12 bar (174 psi)
    • Cover and piston hardened
    • Installation diagrams available on request
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Dimensions Table

Part NumberPull-In Locking Force Up to N (lbs)Holding Force* N (lbs)DDND2GHHAMTT1T2Weight (g)
566831 CAD
70 (16)500 (112)15712M3201M13 x 0.53.5-1912

The installation clamping module has high holding, pull-in, and locking forces. This is opened pneumatically (1) and mechanically locked through spring force. Subsequent uncoupling of the pressure lines is possible at all times (module is tensioned pressure-free).

* Please observe the installation instructions.