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Work Support Jacks

The Jergens Spring Loaded Work Jacks provide consistent support and rigidity to odd shaped workpieces. They are designed to prevent workpiece deflection under forces created during machining operations. Precision mated locking jaws grip the jackpost from both sides creating a vise-like action.

    • Load capacities 300-4500 lbs.
    • Rugged design
    • Quality construction
    • Dual jaw locking action
    • Rubber boot or dust cap models available

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Part NumberLoad RatingType of Dust ProtectorType of DriverABCDEDia. FGTap HJ Mean HeightJ Travel
25201 CAD
300 lbsCapSlotted, See Line Drawing--------1.75+/-0.19
25203 CAD
1400 lbsCap0.750 Hex3.752. 0.44 Deep3.31+/-0.25
25207 CAD
2500 lbsCap0.750 Hex3.752. 0.44 Deep2.38+/-0.25
25205 CAD
4500 lbsCap0.937 Hex4.542.502.503.501.8813/321.631/2-13 0.59 deep4.13+/-0.38

Part NumberDescription
Riser Option on 25207 &25208

Jergens work supports (25201, 25203, 25207, 25205) are designed for use as a secondary support and are not intended to be clamped directly over as you would with a fixed locator. To avoid part movement work supports should be actuated and locked out only after all clamps have been secured. This procedure will minimize any movement that may occur when tightening the work support to the desired torque. When described procedure is followed work supports can be expected to hold tolerances as tight as .001”-.002”.

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).