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Universal Fixture-Pro® Rotary Adapters & Haas Kits

Jergens' rotary adapter add quick change options to your rotary indexer. Universal sizes and mounting pattern makes these compatible with most rotary indexers.

  • Mounts to most Rotary Indexers Face plates with 4 or 6 T-Slots
  • Center Locator and Timing Key (sold separately)
  • FP model allows mounting of Jergens Fixture-Pro® Top Tooling
  • HAAS Kits Available Below
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Part NumberTypeABCDEFWeight (LBS)
Fixture Pro160mm130mm38.1mm133.4mm60°30°3.62
Fixture Pro200mm130mm44.45180mm53°11°5.62

Haas Kits

Kit Part NumberDescriptionHaas Rotary TablesTable Size
160MM Fixture-Pro Adapter KitTR; HRT160mm
200MM Fixture-Pro Adapter KitTR; HRC; HRT210mm