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Threaded Heavy Duty Cylinders Metric

Full-threaded bodies ensure easy mounting and simple length adjustments. Their small size provides high work holding forces in tight places. Threaded cylinders have harden piston rods, steel bodies, alloy springs and Teflon back-up rings which ensure trouble-free operation and long life. Not suitable for air operation.

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Operating Stroke (mm)13251325
Operating Volume (
Effective Piston Area (cm2)5511.411.4
Maximum Oper. Pressure (bars)340340340340
Minimum Oper. Pressure (bars)14141414
Maximum Output Force (kg)1780178040074007
Weight (kg).45.68.901.13

13M36 X 1.582735119M6 X 1.0 X 6311/4 - 19 BSP1/8 - 28 BSP
63214 CAD
25M36 X 1.595866419M6 X 1.0 X 6311/4 - 19 BSP1/8 - 28 BSP
63215 CAD
13M48X1.582735132M6 X 1.0 X 6441/4 - 19 BSP1/8 - 28 BSP
63216 CAD
25M48X1.595866432M6 X 1.0 X 6441/4 - 19 BSP1/8 - 28 BSP

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).