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Strap Pads

  • Material: Steel, C-1018 Plastic, Paper Filled Bakeline Brass
  • Finish: Steel Pad Only, Black Oxide
  • Heat Treat: Steel Pad Only, Case Hardened
  • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software
Plastic Pads Resistant to oil and cutting fluids, allows high clamping pressures, yet protects the soft materials from being scratched or marred.
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Part NumberABCDEFMaterial
17101 CAD
17104 CAD
17107 CAD
1 1/45/165/81/41/210-24Steel
17110 CAD
1 1/23/83/43/85/81/4-20Steel
17113 CAD
1 3/41/23/41/23/41/4-20Steel
17102 CAD
17105 CAD
17108 CAD
1 1/45/165/81/41/210-24Plastic
17111 CAD
1 1/23/83/43/85/81/4-20Plastic
17103 CAD
17106 CAD
17109 CAD
1 1/45/165/81/41/210-24Brass
17112 CAD
1 1/23/83/43/85/81/4-20Brass

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