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STAYLOCK® Die/Mold Clamps


Four models of Die/Mold Clamps are available. Part number 62801 provides 4000 lbs. of output pressure. It is only available in the T-Slot mounting style. The T-Slot mount allows the clamp to be mounted on a machine base via a T-Slot nut, thus allowing the clamp to slide to and from the workpiece. Part number 62802 provides 10,000 lbs. of clamping force. It employs standard mounting bolts for permanent mounting to the machine base, subplate, or fixture plate. Part number 62803 also provides 10,000 lbs. of clamping force. This clamp is provided with a Sensor Interlock which, when wired to a control panel, indicates whether the clamp is locked or not. Sensor Interlocks are available as an accessory for part numbers 62801 and 62802. Part number 62804 is similar to part number 62802, except it has a greater clamping range. It does not have mounting holes for the Sensor Interlock. Die/Mold Clamps are available with Viton® seals for high temperature applications. Ideal for:

    • Injection molding machines
    • Die casting machines
    • Punch presses
    • Machining centers
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Part NumberOperating Volume ( Operating PressureMaximum Operating PressureForce Pressure RatioClamping RangeMaximum Output ForceRepair Kits
62801 CAD
62802 CAD
62803 CAD
62804 CAD

Part NumberDescription
62816 CAD
Sensor Interlock

PN 62816, Sensor Interlok, included with PN 62803

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