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Spring Stops - Button, Flat Button & Flat Face

Used to preload and guide stock through dies as well as the preloading of tool slides and light-duty bumper stops.

    • Material: Body, 319 Aluminum Alloy Plunger, Low Carbon Steel
    • Heat Treat: Plunger Case Hardened 74-77 R30N
    • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software and PartSpec CD
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PartEnd ForceWt (lbs)
NumberHalf-DepressedABCDEFGHIJK10 Pcs
36101 CAD
10 lbs15/1611/1621/32.14.3521/323/81/87/327/3213/320.20
36102 CAD
14 lbs1 1/211 1/8.20.5429/329/163/165/169/325/80.90
36103 CAD
32 lbs21 3/81 1/2.257.691-5/1613/161/47/165/167/81.85

PartEnd ForcePlngr.Plngr.Wt (lbs)
Numberhalf-depressedABCDEFwidth (G)HIJKLHeight (M)N10 pcs
36107 CAD
10 lbs15/1611/1621/32.14.3521/323/41/87/327/3213/323/167/81/640.20   
36111 CAD
14 lbs1-1/211 1/8.20.5429/327/83/165/169/325/81/41-1/81/640.20   
36109 CAD
32 lbs21-3/81-1/2.257.691-5/161-1/21/47/165/167/83/81-1/21/641.85   

PartEnd ForcePlngr.Plngr.Tang Stylewt (lbs
Numberhalf-depressedABCDEFwidth (G)HIJKLHeight (M)NOPPlunger10 pcs
36104 CAD
10 lbs15/1611/1621/32.14.3521/325/81/87/327/3213/323/167/81/47/1615/64Yes0.20
36105 CAD
14 lbs1-1/211-1/8.20.5429/327/83/165/169/325/81/41-1/83/89/1617/64Yes0.90
36106 CAD
32 lbs21-3/81-1/2.257.691-5/161-1/41/47/165/167/83/81-1/21/23/421/64Yes1.85

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).