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The applications of Ball Lock® System are basically limitless.
You’re completely free from the design limitations of common tooling.

— John Zezulka, Machine Shop Supervisor, Orthopedic Systems, Inc.

From our previous experience, we knew that an investment in the Jergens Ball Lock® Mounting System would improve both set up times and repeatability. Our investment on each machine was paid back in less than six months.

— Mike Casper, Plant Manager, Triangle Machine Products

Without getting into specific numbers, Thermo has saved millions of dollars in manufacturing efficiencies [thanks to the Ball Lock® System]

— Wayne Wentworth, Machine Shop Manager, Thermo Electron Corporation

We have the confidence to run programs from one datum point, without even needing a dry run, because the fixture plate is positioned exactly as it was on previous runs.

— Billy Kritinar, Business Unit Manager, Automatic Screw Machine Products

The improvement in changeover time was dramatic. We now use the Ball Lock® System on every single fixture for the ultrasonic machine.

— Mike Docker, EMMS Project Manager, B. C. Instruments

The whole system is incredibly responsive. It’s not uncommon for us to have a 20-30 minute response capability for a unit shipment requirement. It’s a good feeling to be able to deliver that kind of performance... What’s more, our investment was paid back in about 18 months.

— Jim Ward, Manufacturing Manager, Giles Enterprises, Inc.

Using the Jergens vises integrated with the Ball Lock® System, we are able to literally set up one job while running another, with vastly shorter lead times and virtually infinite positioning options for our milling operations. Plus, our quality improved dramatically—we couldn’t be happier.

— Christian Tynch, Tool & Fixture Design Engineer, Muller Martini

All in all, I could not be more pleased with Jergens. The quality and craftsmanship are second to none. I have been a C.N.C. programmer for 23 years, a precision machinist for 32 years, and I work for an Aerospace instrument design and manufacturing facility machining components for precision instruments. The plate is as near perfection as anyone could ask, and your people are to be commended. They obviously take great pride in what they do, and they certainly do it well.

— Satisfied Jergens, Inc. Customer

The hardware looks great by the way. Very nicely engineered, indeed.

— Satisfied Jergens, Inc. Customer

When I rechecked for alignment by again sweeping in the receiver bushings in the plate, the spacing is accurate to the point that I kept checking my indicator, believing it might be sticking.

— Satisfied Jergens, Inc. Customer