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Shoebox Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps

Jergens Air-Powered Hydraulic Pumps are used as a power source to activate Hydraulic Clamps. Shop air is introduced into the Filter/Regulator and converted to hydraulic pressure. These pumps are available in two styles: the High Volume Pump (61761 and 61762) with Boost Ratios of 20:1 and 50:1 and the standard, more compact “shoebox” pump (61755 and 61756) with Boost Ratios of 36:1 and 71:1. The Air-Powered Hydraulic Pumps are easy to use, energy efficient, versatile and affordable. They are completely self-contained and do not require any external reservoirs or motors. The “Shoebox” Pump is a low cost, compact unit used on smaller hydraulic circuits. Its small size offers the versatility of mounting on wheels (such as a workcart) and moving the pump from workstation to workstation. Like the High Volume Pump, this pump allows independent control of multiple workstations.

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Part NumberReservoir Capacity ( Input (psi)Maximum Input (psi)Boost RatioMaximum OutputFree Flow At 100 psi ( Kits

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