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Self-Centering Vises 100 mm Ball Lock®

    Features and Benefits:
  • Self-Centering vises provide quick, simple fixturing for concentric machining of different sized workpieces.
  • Adjustable gib design increases accuracy.
  • Compact design in 3 extruded aluminum base styles for easy setup and to reduce weight on worktable.
  • Fully sealed, patented lead screw assembly for long maintenance free service. Openings allow chips to flow out of the vise base.
  • Hardened steel rails, ground within ±0.001” (0.025mm) provide precise location, resist wear and provide strong support to jaws.
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Part NumberWt.
69405SC CAD
17 kgs

Technical Data

Torque (lbs. Ft.)Torque (N*m)*4" & 6" Vise Recommended Max.Clamping Force (approximate) lbs.Clamping Force (approximate) kgf

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).