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Quick Change Fixture Plates Vise Accessories

Fixture plates provide an alternative to holding parts in the jaws. Build dedicated fixtures on the plates, and then just snap onto a vise or column. Switch between jaws and fixture plates without removing the vise or column from the machine.

  • Standard fully machinable soft jaws, as supplied on the Production Vises and Columns
  • Extra Wide fully machinable soft jaws. (-W)
  • Extra Tall fully machinable soft jaws. (-T)
  • Hard Jaw Carriers are drilled and tapped to accept hard jaw plates. (-H)
  • Hard Jaw Plates are hardened steel plates that bolt onto the hard jaw carriers. (-H)
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Jergens Part NumberBOCK Part NumberDescriptionABCDE
49446 CAD
FP-101040Standard Vise Plate414.901.475.25.50
49448 CAD
FP-101540Wide Vise Plate614.901.475.25.50

Jergens Part NumberBOCK Part NumberDescriptionABCDE
49447 CAD
FP-151550Standard Vise Plate6201.475.25.688
49449 CAD
FP-152050Wide Change Vise Plate819.901.475.25.688

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