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Quick-Change Ball Lock® Fixture Plate Kits

Add quick-change capability to a 5” Heavy Duty Machine Vise with a pre-engineered Ball Lock® Fixture Plate Kit. Plates have locating slot and tapped mounting holes machined to accept vise for easy mounting. Reduce vise setup times to seconds with Jergens Ball Lock®. Plates are available in aluminum or steel. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRODUCT LITERATURE.


    Kit Includes:

    • (1) Pre-Machined Fixture Plate
    • (2) Pre-Installed Primary Liners
    • (2) Vise Locating Keys
    • (2) Mounting Studs
    • (2) Flange Nuts
    • (2) Lift Handles
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Dimensions Table for Quick-Change Ball Lock® Fixture Plate Kits

Part NumberMaterialA (in)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (mm)G (in)H (in)I (in)Ball Lock® Shank Part No.Ball Lock® Shank SizeWeight: lbs (kg)
28711-JD550 CAD
49601 CAD
20mm x 3/411.7 (5.3)
28811-JD550 CAD
49601 CAD
20mm x 3/433.8 (15.3)