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QLS Dowel Pins

Jergens QLS Dowel Pins are locator pins for accurately positioning fixtures on QLS Grids.

  • Material: Low Carbon Steel
  • Heat Treat: Case Hardened
  • Compatible with 5BS series QLS Bushings


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Dimensions Table for QLS Dowel Pins

Part NumberA Nominal (mm)A Actual (in)B (mm)ThreadWeight: lbs (kg)
5LP1220 CAD
120.4720/0.471720M6 x 1.00.03 (0.014)
5LP1225 CAD
120.4720 / 0.471725M6 x 1.00.04 (0.018)
5LP1230 CAD
120.4720 / 0.471730M6 x 1.00.05 (0.023)