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Plastic Oval Tapered Knob

Knobs: Tapered, oval, plastic
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Finish: Tumble
    • For shift levers, control levers, push/pull rods on machine tools, lawn and garden equipment, jigs and fixtures, and for finger tip levers or lid knobs.
    • Available with either brass insert,(p/n: 32218) tapped plastic hole(p/n: 32211) or untapped through hole(p/n's 32212 + 32219).
    • Sand and Buff Finish available upon request.
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32211 CAD
1 3/161 7/89/163/45/16-18 (Plastic threads)3/4
32218 CAD
1 3/161 7/89/167/161/4-20 (Brass insert)7/16
32212 CAD
1 3/161 3/49/169/16.380/.385Through hole

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