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K2 Installation Clamping Module

The compact size of the Jergens Mini ZPS Module is perfect for applications where space is limited and accuracy and speed of changeover time is required.

  • Mechanical Lock / Pneumatic Unlock
  • Opening operating pressure: min. 6 bar - max. 14 bar (87psi - 203psi)
  • Repeatability < 0.02 mm (0.0008 in)
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Part NumberSizePull-in Locking Force up to N / (lbs)Holding Force N / (lbs)DDND1D2D3HHATT1T2Net Weight (kgs)
427286 CAD
K2235 / (53)6000 / 13492210M20 x 1.518M538.52.054.52536.450.048