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Clamping Modules with Sensors

Shave 90% from your set up times by implementing a quick change fixturing system for a fraction of the cost of your cutting tool investment. Jergens’ workholding efficiency improvement process helps:

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Part NumberSizePull-in Locking Force up to kN / (lbs)Holding Force kN / (lbs)DADDNEE1HHAKLKMNH7PRVWW2Net Weight (kgs)
563765 CAD
5.31.5 / (330)13 / (2900)110781510.5-344223956.689G1/8---1.2
553720 CAD
10.310 / (2250)25 (5620)1421122210-3848231276.6810G1/841.5--2.6
553721 CAD
20.317 (3800)55 (12350)1751383213273853231588.48-G1/8-7.5°45°5