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OK-Vise® Mounting Jaw Clamp

Additional piece models have machined female threadings (M5) for socket head screws on the side of the jaw, making it quick and easy to use various additional pieces which can also be machined into different shapes.

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Part NumberA MinA OptimumA MaxBCDEGHKLSocket Head Screw DIN 912Clamping Force of Jaws kN (lbs)Tightening Torque Nm (ft/lbs)Weight in g (lbs) approx.Hardness of Jaws HRC
3335372915212.57.512214xM5M8x2022 (4,975)43 (31.7)60 (0.13)30-34
46495341223041118284xM5M12x3055 (12,364)145 (107)200 (0.44)30-34
1.811.922.081.610.861.180.150.430.71.14xM51/2-13 X 1 1/4"55 (12,364)145 (107)7.0530-34
616570562942514.526404xM5M16x40100 (22,480)360 (265)480 (1.06)30-34

DK2-VTI-T measures given in inches and pounds.