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Modular Mini Vise

The Jergens Modular Mini Vise provides accurate location and positive holding. The bases are hardened and ground to the same height as Jergens Rest Pads for accurate location. The jaws are serrated and hardened to provide positive holding. These versatile clamps may be used as shown, or the jaws may be reversed to allow the workpiece to rest on the machine table or fixture base. The clamps can be made part of a dedicated fixture by removing the T-nuts and fastening the 3/8-16” cap screws directly to the fixture. To use the Jergens Modular Mini Vise: position the fixed jaw clamp and tighten all three cap screws to secure the clamp. Position the adjustable clamp and tighten the outside capscrews. Insert the workpiece and tighten the center cap screw. The adjustable jaw will force the workpiece down against the base and over against the fixed jaw clamp. The 46711 clamp has a fixed jaw for locating. The 46721 clamp has an adjustable jaw for clamping. Each clamp is supplied with three 3/8-16” cap screws and three 46731 T-nuts.

    • Material: C-1018
    • Finish: Black Oxide Case Hardened 58-62 Rc
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Part NumberDescription
46711 CAD
Fixed Jaw     
46721 CAD
Adj. Jaw     
46731 CAD
T-Slot Nut     

Technical Data

^0.720531 1/41-9/163/45/85/85/811/321

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