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Mini Edge Clamps & Stops

  • Cam Action Clamps -The clamp actuates by a com screw with .047' (1.2mm) of stroke.
  • Stop / Locators - Single Stops are used for pieces over 1.75" (44.5mm) long. Double Stops are used for smaller pieces.
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Cam Action Clamps

Part NumberMaterialClamp TypeClamping HeightMax. TorqueHolding Force
68881 CAD
Spring SteelLow Profile Clamp.1000" (2.5mm)6.6 ft. lbs. (8.95 Nm)880lbs. (3900 N)
68882 CAD
Spring SteelRaised Clamp.300" (2.5mm)6.6 ft. lbs. (8.95 Nm)880lbs. (3900 N)

Stops / Locators

Part NumberMaterialStop TypeJaw Height
68883 CAD
Spring SteelSingle Stop.100" (2.5mm)
68884 CAD
Spring SteelDouble Stop.100" (2.5mm)
68885 CAD
Spring SteelRaised Single Stop.300" (7.5mm)
68886 CAD
Spring SteelRaised Double Stop.300" (7.5mm)
68887 CAD
Spring SteelSwivel Stop.100" (2.5mm)
68888 CAD
Spring SteelRaised Swivel Stop.100" (2.5mm)