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Low Profile Micro™ Clamp

    • Extraordinary horizontal AND vertical force
    • Extremely low profile by design - as low as .075
    • Very small footprint
    • High resistance to rip-out force
    • Appropriate for most any workholding application
    • Simple, sturdy, high quality design and components
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Part NumberTypeABCD*EClamp WidthScrew SizeTorque (Ft/Lbs)Max Holding Force (lbs.)Total Throw
13201 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge.150.140.375.075.260.3754-401.30650.0075
13202 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge.150.140.375.075.260.3754-401.30650.0075
13203 CAD
Brass, Blunt Edge.150.140.375.075.220.3754-40.41200.0075
13211 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge.200.187.500.100.390.5008-323.701500.0160
13212 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge.200.187.500.100.390.5008-323.701500.0160
13213 CAD
Brass, Blunt Edge.200.187.500.100.340.5008-322.00400.0160
13221 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge.300.280.750.150.570.7501/4-2014.503600.0240
13222 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge.300.280.750.150.570.7501/4-2014.503600.0240
13223 CAD
Brass, Blunt Edge.300.280.750.150.440.7501/4-204.10950.0240
13224 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge.400.4501.000.250.7101.0003/8-16 x 1"30.006,000.0500
13225 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge.400.4501.000.250.7101.0003/8-16 x 1"30.006,000.0500
13226 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge.600.6401.500.375.7101.5001/2-13 x 1 1/4"108.3012,000.0750
13227 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge.600.6401.500.375.7101.5001/2-13 x 1 1/4"108.3012,000.0750


Part NumberDescriptionABCD*EClamp WidthScrew SizeMax Holding Force (N)Torque (N.m)Total ThrowClamps per Package
13251 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge3.813.559.521.90 9.52M2.528001.8.1908
13252 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge3.813.559.521.90 9.52M2.528001.8.1908
13253 CAD
Brass, Blunt Edge3.813.559.521.90 9.52M2.5875.56.1908
13261 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge5.084.7512.702.54 12.70M466005.6.4068
13262 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge5.084.7512.702.54 12.70M466005.6.4068
13263 CAD
Brass, Blunt Edge5.084.7512.702.54 12.70M417502.8.4068
13271 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge7.627.1119.053.81 19.05M61600022.5.6106
13272 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge7.627.1119.053.81 19.05M61600022.5.6106
13273 CAD
Brass, Blunt Edge7.627.1119.053.81 19.05M642005.6.6106
13274 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge10.1611.4325.406.35018.0325.40M10 x 25mm40.6260001.2704
13275 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge10.1611.4325.406.35018.0325.40M10 x 25mm40.6260001.2704
13276 CAD
Tool Steel, Knife Edge15.2416.2638.109.52019.5638.10M12 x 30mm145.0500001.9002
13277 CAD
Tool Steel, Blunt Edge15.2416.2638.109.52019.5638.10M12 x 30mm145.0500001.9002

*Minimum clamp height

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).