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Knurled Lock Nuts

Most convenient for quick thread locking on your jig and fixture work. Straight knurled radius provides sure, non-slip finger grip in oily conditions. Faces are square with threads which assures a large locking surface.

    • Material: Low Carbon Steel
    • Finish: Black Oxide
    • Heat Treat: Case Hardened
    • Thread: 2B-UNC
    • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software and PartSpec CD
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Part NumberABCDE
28101 CAD
28102 CAD
1/2-131 1/47/161.257
28103 CAD
5/8-111 3/87/161 1/8.257
28104 CAD
3/4-101 3/49/161 1/2.316
28105 CAD
1-829/161 3/4.316

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