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Hydraulic, Pre-Fill Booster Kit

Jergens Booster Kit provides a complete compact power source for hydraulic vises. The kit includes a Jergens 30:1 pre-fill self-bleeding booster with filter regulator, 4 way push button actuation valve, plumbed with all fittings and hoses. This air operated booster provides enough hydraulic volume to power up to 8 Jergens Hydraulic vises.

  • Self Bleeding
  • Easy View Reservoir
  • 30:1 Boost Ratios Kit 61725 Includes
  • Jergens Pre-Fill Booster 61705
  • Filter Regulator
  • Actuator Valve
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PartReservoirHigh PressureMinimumMaximumBoostMaximumMaintenance
NumberCapacity ( ( (psi)Input (psi)RatioOutput (psi)Kits
61725 CAD
503 3/44012530:13,750 

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