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Hold Down Clips

Two or more Hoist Ring Hold Down Clips should be used to prevent ring movement when the hoist ring is not in use. These simple spring steel clips prevent ring movement, provide an additional safety feature when used around machine tools and give a neat finished appearance.
    • Material: Spring, Steel
    • Finish: Cadmium or Zinc
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Part NumberRing DiameterBCDEHWL
47331 CAD
47332 CAD
47333 CAD
47334 CAD
47335 CAD
47336 CAD
1 1/40.75.6250.187.1621.371.331.000
47337 CAD
1 3/80.88.3120.188.1881.4390.51.688
47339 CAD
1 3/41.07.3120.188.1301.830.78.688

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