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Fixture Jacks

Designed as a positive locking jack for irregular clamping to achieve various heights requiring a positive pressure stop. Adjustable to fit height irregularities of milling operations. Available in either a smooth radius head or a hardened tool steel serrated gripping surface. Elevates vertically, no rotation. Outer diameter of bushing ground for press-fit.

  • Material: Bushing, Low Carbon Steel
  • Radius Stem, Low Carbon Steel Serrated Stem, 4140 Finish: Bushing, Black Oxide Radius Stem, Black Oxide Serrated Stem, Black Oxide
  • Heat Treat: Bushing, Case Hardened 74-77 R30N Radius Stem, Case Hardened Serrated Stem, Rc 45-48
  • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software and PartSpec CD

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Part NumberPress Fit ABCMin. DMax. DEFGHThread SizeSerratedWt. (lbs)
24901 CAD
5/81 3/163/169/161 1/211/45/323/83/8-16No0.19
24902 CAD
11 5/83/167/82 7/161 5/1615/327/167/165/8-11No0.55
24903 CAD
1 1/22 3/43/167/83 1/21 3/413/161/29/161-8No1.90
25101 CAD
5/81 3/163/169/161 1/211/45/323/83/8-16Yes0.19
25102 CAD
11 5/83/167/82 7/161 5/1615/327/167/165/8-11Yes0.55
25103 CAD
1 1/22 3/43/167/83 1/21 3/413/161/29/161-8Yes1.90

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).