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Expanding Machinable Micro™ Clamp

The Compact Machinable Expanding Micro™ Clamp is available with extra material on the clamping jaw so it can be machined to conform to the shape of your workpiece - enabling you to fixture unusual applications easily. The specically designed steel wedge spreads the clamping force uniformly on both sides of the aluminum channel. A unique locking plate is provided to make the clamp rigid while machining the jaw to you specifications, without vibration. Available in two sizes.

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Part Number with Locking PlatePart Number Without Locking PlateA*BCDEFGMounting Screws H
68770 CAD
68771 CAD
68772 CAD
68773 CAD
68774 CAD
68775 CAD
68776 CAD
68777 CAD
68778 CAD
68779 CAD

Part Number With Locking PlatePart Number Without locking PlateA*BCDEFGMounting Screws HI
68870 CAD
68871 CAD
68872 CAD
68873 CAD
68874 CAD
68875 CAD
68876 CAD
68877 CAD
68878 CAD
68879 CAD

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