Fixture-Pro® 130mm Hydraulic Self-Centering Vise

Jergens Fixture-Pro® Hydraulic Self-Centering Vises are a highly-repeatable technology with high clamping force capabilities and consistent holding pressure. They offer users the ability to position the jaws just outside the dimension of the workpiece to minimize travel when clamping. With the speed of hydraulic workholding, it reduces clamping and unclamping operations to about one second.

Features, Benefits, & Product Specifications:
  • Double-acting
  • Highly repeatable clamping forces
  • Includes either aluminum (-A) or steel (-S) soft quick-change jaws
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Low operating pressures permit running directly off of machine hydraulics
  • Steel body & internal components treated with hardened low-friction process for enhanced performance & durability
  • Bottom ports for manifold plumbing, Side ports for external line plumbing
  • Easy access lubrication ports

Fixture-Pro® 130mm Hydraulic Self-Centering Vise

Select a part number for CAD drawings, price and stock availability.

Part Number CAD Unit Jaw Type Clamping Stroke (mm) Operating Volume Clamp (cm3) Operating Volume Unclamp (cm3) Maximum Input Pressure (bar) Minimum Input Pressure (bar) Weight (kgs)
5HCV13041-A Metric Aluminum Soft Jaws 5.5 28.3 32 104 35 10.4
5HCV13041-S Metric Steel Soft Jaws 5.5 28.3 32 104 35 12.7

Documents and Videos

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