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Double Cams Clamp Assemblies

Forged, heat-treated for abrasion-resistance and longer life. Designed for quick change clamping. Mean clamping point pressure angle is from 3 1/2° to 4°, which makes for stronger workholding. Slip standard pipe over handle for more leverage. Snug fit at handle collar and end.

    • Finish: Black Oxide
    • Material: C1020
    • Heat Treat: Case Hardened 74-77 R30N
    • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software

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Part NumberABCDEFGLWt. (lbs)
18101 CAD
2 1/23/1617/645/83/87/327/160.015.14
18102 CAD
3 7/165/1625/647/819/3221/6421/320.019.34
18103 CAD
53/833/641 1/85/87/1647/640.031.83
18104 CAD
5 1/165/841/641 1/47/819/321 1/320.0431.00

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).