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Cross Cast Iron Tooling Columns

Jergens Cast Iron Tooling Columns are fully customizable to provide the optimum workholding solution for your unique application. Incorporate one of our industry-leading “Quick-Change” systems, including Ball Lock® and ZPS, for maximum productivity. Contact our Technical Sales Engineering Team to request a quote for your custom configuration or project.


QLS Grid Cast Iron Tooling Columns include:

  • Grid of tapped holes with hardened bushings (Part No. 5BS1216) installed for locating
  • 50mm x 50mm grid spacing



    • Rigid single piece construction
    • Material: Stress Relieved Class 40 Cast Iron
    • Base and sides milled flat, perpendicular, and parallel within 0.001”/ft.
    • Includes mounting holes for popular 400mm and 500mm pallets
    • Custom sizes and configurations available upon request
    • Included hardware:
      • - Top coverplate
      • - (2) Jergens Center-Pull Hoist Rings
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Dimensions Table for Blank Face Cross Cast Iron Tooling Columns

Part NumberDescriptionA (mm)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)H (in)I (in)J (in)K (in)LMN (in)Weight: lbs (kg)
69210 CAD
Blank Face4001.7526.0010.005.006.303.1256.252.1650.9840.7095/8" (M16)1/2" (M12)7.874460 (209)
69240 CAD
Blank Face5001.7530.0012.506.007.8744.008.002.9530.9840.7095/8" (M16)1/2" (M12)7.874705 (320)

Dimensions Table for QLS Grid Cross Cast Iron Tooling Columns

Part NumberDescriptionA (mm)B (in)C (in)D (in)E (in)F (in)G (in)H (in)I (in)J (in)K (in)LMN (in)O (in)P (in)QLS GridWeight: lbs (kg)
69211 CAD
QLS Grid4001.7526.0010.005.006.303.1256.252.1650.9840.7095/8" (M16)1/2" (M12)7.8744.771.968511 x 3414 (188)
69241 CAD
QLS Grid5001.7530.0012.506.007.8744.008.002.9530.9840.7095/8" (M16)1/2" (M12)7.8744.811.968513 x 3697 (316)

Note: Quick Locating System (QLS) Bushings are hardened and ground for accurate and repeatable setups. Use in combination with 12mm QLS dowel pins or shoulder screws.