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Checking Balls (w/ reference shoulders)

High precision stainless steel checking balls are made to closer tolerances and avoid excessive side forces. The accurately located shoulder provides for positive positioning, re-positioning, or replacement. Note: Part Number 29021 has a tapped 6-32 UNC -2B shank.

    • Material: Type 440-C Stainless Steel hardened to Rc 58-62
    • Eccentricity, ball to shank, 0.0002 T.I.R. maximum
    • Two Piece Welded Construction
    • Note: Part No. 29010 supplied with tungsten carbide ball only with hardness Ra 91.5 - 92.5
    • Available in FixtureProTM Design Software
    • Note:Part: 29021 has a 6-32 UNC 2B Tapped Shank

  • Note: The weld between the ball and the shank is made so that the ball will drop off if subjected to unusually heavy leteral forces. This prevents setup and inspection errors that might occur do to accidental bending of the shank.

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Part NumberAB +.0000 -0.0002C +/- 0.0002D +/-0.005
29010 CAD
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29014 CAD
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Part Number


PN 29010 is supplied with tungston carbide ball only, with Rockwell hardness 91.5 - 92.5

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