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Booster Clamping Kit

To simplify the installation of Jergens power clamps, Jergens offers its 3 Second Clamping Kit. The Kits contain everything required to convert your shop air pressure to hydraulic power for your clamping fixture.

    • 61717—This kit contains a 61711 booster, control valve, gage, hoses and fittings. This kit should be used for fixtures which will remain on a machine for long periods of time, such as a vise on a milling machine.
    • 61719—This kit contains a 61705 booster, control valve, filter-regulator, pilot check valve, quick disconnects and all hose and fittings required. This kit should be used on machines where the fixture changes frequently. The 61705 booster eliminates the need to bleed each fixture after it is connected. To change the fixture, simply switch the hydraulic hose from one fixture to the other using quick disconnect fittings.

    Items Included in Installation Kit:
  • Filter/Regulator 61617
  • 4-Way Hand Valve 61615
  • Muffler 62613
  • Air Hose (18 Ft.) 61108
  • Pilot Check Valve 61629
  • Hydraulic Hose (6 Ft.) 61205
  • Quick Disconnects Couplings 61915, 61965
  • Fittings as Req'D

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