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Base Rails

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Part NumberDescriptionSize
RM-100 CAD
The shortest rail, with two 12 mm H7 positioning holes.100mm
RM-200 CAD
Provides better adjustability than the shortest RM-100 rail200mm
RM-300 CAD
Most commonly used to replace old-fashioned machine vises300mm
RM-400 CAD
End of rail is different from the start. The numbering of the scale starts from the left.400mm
RM-500 CAD
A good universal rail for VMC and HMC machining500mm
RM-600 CAD
This rail length is very popular on tooling blocks600mm
RM-700 CAD
Longest standard rail produced by OK-VISE700mm

On Multi-Rail base rails L=400...700mm, positioning hole is the second one from the end of each rail.

Special length rails (also longer than RM-700) are also available.