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Back Mount Ball Lock® Receiver Bushings

Two styles of receiver bushings are available. Generally, the face mount receiver bushing is utilized in blind hole applications (Slip Fit). The back mount receiver bushing is used in through hole applications (Light Press Fit). Note: Installed bushings should be approximately .012" below subplate surface. See reference below for installation of back mount style bushings. Note on Installation of Back Mount Style: To alleviate the possibility of binding the shank in the bore, the maximum interference fit between bore and bushing O.D. should not exceed .0005".

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Back Mount Part NumberShank Diameter (mm)Actual O.D. +.0000, -0.0004 ADepth: +.000, -.002 BC-Bore +-.006 CMin. Subplate Thickness D
49516 CAD
49517 CAD
49511 CAD
49512 CAD
49513 CAD
49514 CAD
49515 CAD

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