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Air Powered Hydraulic Pumps - C-Box

  • An economical and compact power source ideal for operating small volume hydraulic systems.
  • Available in 20:1 or 60:1 Boost Ratios.
  • Part No.'s 61763 & 61765 are specifically designed for operating single acting hydraulic systems. These models feature an air piloted pressure release valve. This allows a single acting hydraulic systems to be controlled remotely with a simple 4-way air valve.
  • All models include an air set-up kit (Filter-Regulator, Hose, Fittings). Part No.'s 61763 & 63765 also include a 4-way air valve.
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Part NumberReservoir Capacity (cu. in.)Minimum Air Input (psi)Maximum Air Input (psi)Boost RatioMaximum Hyd. Output (psi)Maximum Flow (cu. in./min.)Hyd. Output Pressure PortHyd. Return Tank PortWeight (lbs)
61763 CAD
1152010020:12000659/16-18 (#6 SAE)n/a17
61764 CAD
1152010020:12000659/16-18 (#6 SAE)9/16-18 (#6 SAE)17
61765 CAD
1152010060:16000251/4 NPTn/a17
61766 CAD
1152010060:16000251/4 NPT1/4 NPT17