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Adjustable Micro™ Clamps

Adjustable Micro™ Clamps decrease design and set-up times for modular fixtures, work cubes, and standard fixtures. Without changing hole locations, clamping range from 12mm to 35mm can be achieved. The clamps are available with either smooth or serrated faces which make them ideal for clamping machined parts, castings, and rough cut stock. The clamps work with a cam action, always following the contour of the workpiece for maximum surface contact.

    • Cam action
    • Low profile
    • Available in four sizes
    • Heat treated and plated
    • Serrated or smooth edges
    • Adjustable clamps and stops
    • Includes Cam Screw 1/2-13
    • 10mm Thick
    • .100" Travel
    • 4,000 Lbs. holding force at 65 Ft Lbs torque
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Part NumberThread

Part NumberMetric Part NumberDescription
68601 CAD
68651 CAD
1-6 smooth
68602 CAD
68652 CAD
7-12 smooth
68603 CAD
68653 CAD
13-18 smooth
68604 CAD
68654 CAD
19-24 smooth
68611 CAD
68661 CAD
1-6 serrated
68612 CAD
68662 CAD
7-12 serrated
68613 CAD
68663 CAD
13-18 serrated
68614 CAD
68664 CAD
19-24 serrated

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).