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Revolving Clamp Assemblies - Long Bushing Type

Quick hold-down of workpiece with hand tightening, then loosen and revolve out of the way. Saves time for moderate-duty clamping. Malleable cast iron body. Case-hardened swivel pad uses “tru-center” feature to maintain even, in-line pressure on workpiece.

    • Body Material: Malleable ASTM A47, GR32510
    • Finish: Black Oxide
    • Bushings: Hardened & Ground Rc 56-60

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Part NumberABDEFLMWt.
35119 CAD
35103 CAD
21 1/23 1/41 1/23/8-16.622/.62353/4.8
35116 CAD
3 3/43N/A2 1/41/2-13N/AN/A4.5
35106 CAD
3 3/4352 1/45/8-111.122/1.12351 1/24.8
35109 CAD
3 3/4452 1/45/8-111.122/1.12351 1/25.0

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